Welcome to Milton 2 Productions.

Whether it is a television documentary, or a corporate or charity video, Milton 2 Productions can help. Stephen Milton has made dozens of documentaries for television, and loves to apply those skills to make films for charities and corporations. Everyone has a story to tell, and now the web and DVDs make it possible to get your message out to clients, customers, and the world. If you are a charity or not-for-profit organization, we have special rates for messages that the world needs to hear. So whatever your need, please wander through the web site to see what kinds of videos we have produced for others, and then let us know what story you would like to tell.

This week on our blog: Why did Don Draper become such a creep on Mad Men?

He went from prince charming, to disgusting drunken rogue. What happened? Why did the writers of Mad Men risk their most popular character? The reason had to do with making great art, and taking risks few other shows dare. Read more on our blog.